Guttman students have launched an Oral History archive. As producers of knowledge with a particular focus on social (in)justice, racial, gendered and transnational journeys, Guttman Community College scholar-activists are building a new local digital canon. This collection is being constructed in partnership with peers from Brooklyn College, who launched the We Are Brooklyn: Immigrant Voices project, which challenges reductive narratives concerning immigrants and immigration that fuel hate and anxiety in our city and our county. This exhibition helps us re-think histories of the past, re-analyze modern circumstances and see connections between then and now, and between “us” and “them.”

Celia Perez

“Racism here in New York is blatant and dangerous. I saw a lot of my dreams burned to a dust.”

Celia Perez’ Oral History as told to Stephanie Brown

Elisha Wilson

“When I first got to Harlem, my little heart smiled being a Westchester girl because I [never before had] found myself…being surrounded by all black people”

Elisa Wilson’s Oral History as told to Dawney Wilson

Eugene Lareau

“My father couldn’t understand my enthusiasm for civil rights, but I was shaped by my experiences.”

Eugene Lareau’s Oral History as told to Jay Mercado

Nieves Jiménez

“Cuando yo me vine [de México] para Los Estados Unidos no sabía yo leer ni escribir…..Una señora que es dominicana que trabaja conmigo me dijo ‘tu puedes aprender leer en un periódico yo te voy a enseñar’ … allí en el periódico aprendí a leer.”

Nieves Jiménez’s Oral History as told to Virginia Fuezentes.